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My time in the online world has drifted me further into my passion for different languages of coding. I enjoy some web development but lack the creativity for cool projects, in this case I generally ask my customers for a mockup of what they are looking for and then make their dream come to life. From the backend I like to play with PHP, MySQL, Python and so on. My focus for this hobby business pertains mostly to forum RPGs and the MyBB software but I am willing to do more than just that. If what you are seeking is not available here please feel free to contact me so we may discuss.

I love to share my knowledge, teach and even give support to those that need it. If you are ever looking for some help, want to have some coding discussions or would like to pick my brain for some of my 'smarts' please give me a poke on Discord!


The majority of my work revolves around MyBB! You will find more product from me regarding MyBB than anything else.

All prices for my content will vary.

Scripts & Plugins

Kaons RPG Resource and more ouijabored