closing Aug 1st, 2019

   Isoldehn Affairs


Hello to you all, I am upset to inform you that my online hobby business will be shutting down August 1st of 2019.

Due to unfortunate circumstances in real life I no longer have time to juggle a side business of hosting/coding to the community I have served for quite some time. University has eaten away a lot of my free time and now I must focus on my future. I will still be around the community in different places such as RPG Initiative and possibly an RPG here and there. Other than that I will pretty much be a ghost.

My journey with the forum RP community has been long and filled with learning adventures. My self hosting time was splendid, as well as my piggy back hosting but most of all I have enjoyed being a reseller in my Isoldehn Affairs hobby business. This has been a grand experience and has helped me grow tremendously but it is time to say goodbye.

For any users hoping to become a reseller or piggy back host but do not know where to start feel free to reach out to me at the Initiative. I will be happy to help you begin your journey!

@HOSTEES – For all current hostees, if you need to reference my TOS they are here Terms of Service.

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